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Automotive Aftermarket Conference Toronto June 14 2017 Toronto Canada

AFTO > The Automotive Aftermarket Conference in Toronto (AFTO) on June 14th

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8 Great Speakers about the hot topics in the Automotive space


Discuss with experts about innovation in the automotive industry


Many opportunities to make new connections with your peers


Automotive Aftermarket Conference in Toronto

AFTO, the annual automotive Aftermarket conference in Toronto will take place on June 14th, 2017 at the Rotman School of Management.

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The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Reached an all-time record

There were 25.6 million light vehicles registered in Canada in 2015, an increase of 4.4 percent from the 24.5 million operating vehicles recorded in 2014. Business conditions for the automotive aftermarket have never been better with the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry reaching an all-time record of $21 billion in 2015!

The Aftermarket is ready for disruption

The average age of a vehicle is 9.6 years, a figure that has increased steadily in recent years. Good news for mechanical service providers, as older vehicles typically require more maintenance but the industry is also witnessing tremendous growth over the past two years from disruptive influences that may have a substantial impact.

You can’t do it alone. The automotive Aftermarket industry is shifting too quickly. Get on the cutting edge of processes optimization at the one conference that gives you insights on the future of the automotive Aftermarket.

A Conference to Provoke Conversations That Matter

Kim-ParnellWe want the conference to inspire you, to foster learning and wonder and we will have on stage a host who will exactly do that: Kim ParnellKim is a charismatic, hyperactive people magnet with a passion for bringing ideas to life.

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1 – Learn and sharpen your skills.

The Speaking Series with 4 hot topics:
> Machine learning and vehicle maintenance prediction
> Dealership or Service Center, VIN Valuations Matter
> The sales pitch starts before the visit to the dealership
> Big data and operations optimization in the automotive aftermarket

2 – Interact and focus on conversations that matter

A panel discussion with experts from the industry around the topic ”Innovating in the automotive industry” will handle questions like :
> Consumers are more sensible to the total cost of ownership of their car, how does that impact your approach to the market?
> What kind of tools need to be developed in the future for the consumers ?
> How are services linked to car important?

3 – Network and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Throughout the day the attendees of the conference will have many opportunities to make new connections and network. The conference will end with a walking dinner which will help to take a step further with your peers your peers/partners/customers…

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3.00 pm

Speaker Series - Machine learning and vehicle maintenance prediction

speaker: Sasha Kucharczyk - COO of Preteckt| topic: Machine Learning

Changing the way vehicle maintenance is thought about and is conducted through the use of machine learning. The machines will know before you ask and maintenance will become an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” concept making the ownership of a vehicle that much more enjoyable, a peace of mind in that your vehicle will not have any on-the-road surprises for you.

3.30 pm

Speaker Series - Dealership or Service Center, VIN Valuations Matter

speaker: Logan Keirstead - Automotive Award Winner & Sean Liptay - Wholesale Automotive Marketer| topic: Enhancing car's trade-in value with innovative Dealer Solutions

Accu-Trade is a vehicle valuation tool that’s mission is to commoditize the VIN. Our tool promotes transparency and fairness to both consumers and dealerships, in the trade-in process. We see the strong role that service centres can have, both independent and franchise in helping customers with the pain point of price discovery for their trade-in. It is an opportunity to capitalize on offering vehicle valuations as a Vehicle Assessment Services to:
- Help consumers discover if there is equity in their “end-of-term” leases;
- Show customers how to get more money for their current vehicle by offering services that enhance a vehicle's trade-in value by more than the cost of the service.

4.00 pm


4.15 pm

Speaker Series - The sales pitch starts before the visit to the dealership

speaker: Ryan O'Connor - CEO of Edealer| topic: Quest of transparency in the car buying process

Why is there so much pressure on the industry to make it easier for consumers to do all their car shopping online?

4.45 pm

Speaker Series - Big data and operations optimization in the automotive aftermarket

speaker: Luc Azilinon - CEO of Autopass| topic: Innovative processes from data to users

Autopass's main activity is to distribute parts and provide services related to the use of vehicles. Autopass is the linking pin between the various operators in the automotive industry, from manufacturing to the distribution of parts, from car sales to maintenance and repair. AutoPass provides market players innovative and efficient services combined with the latest technology and automotive data solutions.

5:15 pm


5:30 pm

Panel discussion with Automotive Aftermarket Executives

speaker: The list of panelists will be updated by May 30| topic: Innovating in the Automotive Space

The automotive Aftermarket industry is shifting quickly. Experts from the industry will share their insights on the future of the automotive industry:
- Petrina Gentile, Award-Winning Automotive Journalist at The Globe and Mail
- Renee C., Automotive Pricer
- Peter Odding, International Key Account Executive at Autopass
- Kesem Frank, COO at Nuco

6:30 pm

Networking and walking dinner

The conference will end with an opportunity to network with your peers. Our goal is to bring together professionals from the automotive aftermarket industry, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter.



The Venue

You can directly book a seat online to attend the conference. If you are in the automotive industry, you probably already received an invitation to attend.

There are also many ways to attend the conference if you are part of the community of the University of Toronto.




  • Address: Rotman School of Management - Desautels Hall, 2nd Floor, South Building - 105 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3E6