Kim Parnell


Kim is a charismatic, hyperactive people magnet with a passion for helping entrepreneurs. Kim grew up with interests ranging from math and science to dance and the arts. But, she knew business had stolen her heart when she left the university Neuroscience program to start her first company – a residential and commercial cleaning company – at 22yrs old. She sold it less than 4yrs later. Kim spent the next few years perfecting her stage presence, networking skills and negotiating power as an on camera host and tv producer. Ironically, the creative entertainment world led her to discover that her true passion is creating technological innovation and building businesses to deliver it.

Kim is currently the co-founder and Chief Evangelist of Blank ( – a ground-breaking technology that builds apps with artificial intelligence instead of human developers. It’s now Kim’s mission to remove the technical obstacles that stand between ambitious entrepreneurs and their ideas coming to life.

Kim shares her entrepreneurial journey across many social media channels, including LinkedInInstagram, Facebook, Twitter and the most recently launched YouTube channel, The Grind With Kim Parnell.